EIC Solutions

  • Pre-capital planning
    The FEED portion of a project can, if requested, define the process, produce general arrangements, determine approximate cost and schedule, select major equipment,
  • Engineering Design
    It involves tools and ways of thinking that people can use in almost any situation. Each part of the process reveals information about the problem and possible solutions.
  • System integration

    A system integration engineer is responsible for the development and testing of control systems for engines using digital electronics and communications. They evaluate and test engine calibrations with software for real-time embedded systems using model-based software development tools.



  • Technology & Machinery Sourcing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics
  • Equipment installation
  • Commissioning
  • On site presence
  • Client interface
  • Budget management
  • Site management
  • Spare parts
  • Technical site work
  • Equipment training

EIC Engagement

Due to the diversity of our customer base and the range of works completed, EIC has developed many methods of project execution and completion to suit the customers needs:

  • Option 1: Turn-Key Projects
  • Option 2: Customer Free-Issue Global Preferred Equipment.
  • Option 3: Site Management only.
  • Option 4: Installation of individual equipment only.
  • Option 5: Partial or full project integration.

* EIC are able to offer alternative options on the above processes tailored to your requirements

EIC Execution

Our Onsite Installation Team consisting of electro-mechanical and software engineers, specialist commissioning and line start-up engineers are able to offer highly skilled teams or major installations , including:

  • Equipment Sourcing And Management.
  • Overseas Shipping And Clearance Procedures.
  • Pre-delivery Inspections And Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT).
  • Project Management And Execution Utilizing Local Teams And Experience.
  • Full Onsite Presence During The Execution.
  • Follow-up Servicing, Maintenance, Training And Supply Of Spare Parts.

EIC are Safe contractor demonstrating that our heath and safety policies, procedures and documentation are audited by internal qualified auditors.

EIC’s project management team are therefore able to fulfil the roles of Principal contractor, in line with HSE guidelines.


Digital Surveying

  • With many years experience and many projects behind them, EIC understand the need for accurate plans and measurements
  • EIC Digital Surveys, Industry leaders in 3D laser scanning, modelling and inspection
  • With their combined areas of expertise, EIC and Digital Surveys can scan, model and measure site within greatly reduced time frames and to a extremely high degree of accuracy
  • The laser scans produce raw data in the form of a point cloud (right)
  • Once captured the data can be utilized in many different ways:
    • 3D modelled (below)
    • into 2D Layouts
    • Exported to the customers native file format
    • Fly throughs and animations can be produced
  • The point cloud data is also accessible on line, allowing teams from across the world to look at the same data at the same time

The utilization of 3D laser scanning and 3D modelling provides many benefits to the customer, including:

  • Reduced time on site
  • No requirement for downtime
  • High degree of accuracy
  • Quick identification of errors in current layouts
  • Early identification of new equipment clashes
  • Range of detail levels can be provided to suit client requirements
  • Reduced need for project teams to travel to site
  • Information supplied in clients native file format

Process & Packaging Automation

As an independent system integrator, EIC are the unique position of being able to choose the most appropriate technology for any specified application. Process & Packaging automation solution combines the most advanced technology from the world class and industry leading equipment suppliers, to create a high speed and cost effective solution. Key Benefits

  • 70 % Labor Reduction in the operations
  • Reduce Safety Accidents
  • Increase Quality
  • Increase Productivity

Auto Palletising

Auto Palletising solution provides many benefits over conventional palletising systems:

  • Able to process a high rate of cases
  • Ability to manage a high number of S.K.U.’s
  • Reduced ground floor foot print compared to Robot cells
  • Mixed S.K.U. pallets can be produced
  • Reduced power and air consumption
  • Proven technology from industry leading suppliers
  • Experienced project management and installation team

Operations Excellence TPM

TPM is a Continuous Improvement process that strives to maximize equipment efficiency ,reduces waste & increases quality by creating the perfect relationship between people, their processes and equipment through five founding principles:

  • Increase the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE/OPE) through focused improvement , 6 Big Losses & PQCDSM.
  • Make front line Asset Care part of the job.
  • Improve existing planned maintenance systems and the quality of maintenance.
  • Increase hand/operational skills and team working and problem solving skills.
  • Early Equipment Management: Involve operators and maintainers in the next generation of future expansions.

Alignment and Implementation
At different stages in the journey of using TPM to achieve World Class Performance, some criteria are more important than others. However, there are clear links with TPM and the Fundamental Concepts of Excellence :

  • Results Orientation – TPM is designed to achieve improved results in a manner that recognizes the needs of the main stakeholders.
  • Customer Focus – TPM will lead to improved product quality and responsiveness.
  • Leadership and Constancy of Purpose – TPM allows leaders to reinforce the culture of excellence.
  • Management by Processes and Facts .
  • People Development and Involvement – TPM requires that employees are skilled in their discipline.
  • Continuous Learning, Innovation and Improvement.
  • Public Responsibility – the TPM focus on Health and Safety and Environmental responsibility directly support this concept.